Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

The Covenant Brethren Church first annual meeting is only six weeks away. Please make sure you register soon! The registration must be done online through our Website ( We plan to live stream the event for those that are unable to attend in person. The agenda includes lots of singing, a keynote address titled, “to Be a Bible Based Church in the 21st Century” and a lot of other worship and prayer time. Our business items will include but not be limited to the following:

  • elect three new executive team members
  • vote on an official launch date for CBC
  • share an update on setting up the headquarters/office in Fairmont WV
  • discuss a CBC ministerial training program and continuing education
  • share information on plans for mission work and disaster relief ministries
  • share update on the evolving structure of CBC
  • have a presentation by BBT and their support for CBC churches/pastors
  • welcome those churches already a part of CBC

There will be additional items to share so make plans now. Due to local health department restrictions, we will have to cut this off at 150 attendees and everyone attending will need to wear a mask. Lunch will be provided by the Antioch Church and offerings will be lifted for the meal and the support of CBC ministries.

Hope to see you at the CBC Annual Meeting

Blessings, Grover Duling, CBC Board Chair