During the recent Annual Meeting and Worship Conference, the youth of the Covenant Brethren Church were also meeting. It was a time of blessed Bible study, worship, fun, planning, and service. They focused on the theme of the importance of worship in a teen’s life. They shared their own stories and views of the impact of worship and God’s work in their lives. Though they started out as kids from five different regions of the country, by the end of our time together, they were one group, working together to be a blessing and to grow in their faith. They set goals that include mission trips, disaster trips, getting the CBC youth from across the nation together for some kind of fellowship, and other possible forms of service. During this event they formed a national youth council that will be working together to plan national events.

During the conference, one of the projects they undertook was packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. The word went out asking people who were going to attend the conference to bring an item to be packed in a shoebox. The conference attenders responded generously and enough came in to pack 102 boxes with a large box of filler material left over.

There were too many things that went on during the conference to clearly portray all that took place. One of the most amazing things that happened was when the youth agreed to share some drama ministry with the entire adult conference. They spent a lot of time rehearsing the dramas, even going back on their own during free time after dinner on Friday to practice more before worship time. It paid off. During the Youth and Adult Fellowship report on Saturday they performed the dramas. Both dramas carried a powerful message, but the second one left people in tears all across the room. One boy commented, I have never had so many people thank me for doing something. As a result of this powerful time together one of the girls in attendance went home and gave her life to Christ the following Sunday.

While a national youth program cannot replace a local one, it can offer encouragement and a big picture. That is what the youth of the Covenant Brethren Youth National Youth Ministry are trying to do.

Submitted by Craig Howard – Publications Committee