On December 28th pastors and leaders from approximately 18 churches within the newly formed Central Allegheny Region, gathered at the Oak Dale Covenant Brethren Church to enjoy the blessings of the season.

The meeting started off with Grover Duling giving an encouraging report on the state of the denomination and the new developments happening within the region. Katelyn Bernard then shared two beautiful selections in song, and Abe Evans led the group in devotions that reminded us of the blessing found in being a blessing.

After that the group went to the fellowship hall where we were served a wonderful meal and enjoyed an evening of delightful conversation sprinkled with a lot of laughter. Games with prizes were prepared by the hosts which everyone enjoyed. There were guests from the new third region that is just in the process of forming. It is located in western Pennsylvania.

It was an evening of beautiful, holiday fellowship that could easily become an annual event within the Central Allegheny Region.