There have been many exciting things to report in regard to the national Covenant Brethren Church, but that is not the only place where great things have been happening. We have had some wonderful mission and disaster trips. We continue to see new churches added including two possible churches in Central America. Our partnership with Samaritan’s Purse continues to grow as we work through them to support those devastated by the earthquakes in Turkey and those recovering from hurricanes in Florida with the message of the Gospel being kept central at every turn. These things and so many more are cause for excitement. There are many things happening on a more local level that add to that excitement.

New regions are forming, and established regions are working hard with activities and plans. One such step forward is the newly elected executive committee (pictured right) in the recently formed Central Blue Ridge Region.

These leaders are excited to see their region become organized and continue to grow. They will be working on developing their sub-committees and developing their regional conference. There are many opportunities for their churches to be involved in ministry.

In the Central Allegheny Region, ministry teams are being filled with people excited to serve Christ in that region. A strong budget has been adopted, and the majority of the regional churches have already sent their support. The Humanitarian Relief Team has completed some projects and it is in the process of evaluating other opportunities. Work is being done at camps Galilee and Hope. A pulpit exchange Sunday has been planned. Visiting pastors will bring representatives from their local church along with them to build regional bonds between churches. A “Calling the Called” program has been developed to identify and call new people into full- and part-time ministry. The Prayer Team has developed a new Facebook page where people and churches from the region can list prayer needs. The Prayer Team has promised to pray for those needs. regional leaders have traveled to local churches to help with a variety of issues and were warmly received. A significant number of people from the region have participated in foreign and home mission trips. In summary, the Central Allegheny Region is a very active region that sees nothing ahead but possibilities.

The Southern Region has been heavily involved in both international and domestic mission activities in addition to their regular yearly ministries. One of their mission projects involves ministers Pablo Cumplido and Lidia Castaneda who brought the Word of God and needed food to the people of Guatemala during their recent mission trip. Their Mission Committee put together and distributed 150 backpack kits for the homeless. This has been a much-needed ministry during this winter with the brutal cold temperatures.

We also received word from Region Three in Pennsylvania. This region currently has 11 churches and has one waiting for approval from the executive board. This year they will sponsor their second annual regional meeting on October 7th. They are exploring ways to grow and are developing a regional website that will offer hosting and information to the churches of their region. They have developed 5 regional teams to work on growth and development of the region and to offer continual growth for their pastors. Their goal is to be unified around the Word and the love of Christ.

Finally, we want to congratulate the Covington Community Church in Covington, Washington. During this Easter season they will celebrate 85 years as a congregation, and also 70 years in their current building. Though they are far removed from us geographically they are in our thoughts and prayers as they move forward in serving Christ. If you would like to send them a card of encouragement, you can mail it to Covington Community Church,17455 SE Wax Rd, Covington, Washington, 98042.

As work continues in all of the regions and as new churches come into the Covenant Brethren Church they all ask that you continue to pray that those in leadership would be found faithful, passionate in their work and seek to glorify God in all that they do.

Craig Howard – CBC Publications