On Sunday, August 13, 2023 Grover Duling and Scott Kinnick, members of the CBC International Executive Board, traveled to the “Miracle Fishing Church” at San Lucas, Guatemala for the purpose of bringing them into the CBC family. Additional CBC pastors joining in for this event were pastors Pablo Cumplido and Lidia Castaneda.

The day started with tremendous music provided by the Church praise team. This team included several folks from the church, two of which were pastor Walter and his daughter Julia.

Everyone present was engaged and joined in with this time of praising God in song. The church was filled to overflowing with several attenders standing outside.

Following this the time of praise and worship, Pastor Walter Estuardo Palma Garcia, gave a powerful message from Matthew 3:2, “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand”.

After the sermon, pastor Walter called on the CBC team conduct the Covenant Agreement ceremony with the church congregation. As Grover asked the questions, the congregation responded to the Covenant Agreement with tremendous enthusiasm and great excitement at becoming a CBC church.

Following the Covenant Agreement service, brother Scott conducted the ordination service for the pastor.

The ordination of Pastor Walter was very inspiring as Scott shared about the meaning of the service and the “laying on of hands” to pass along this commitment to service in the set-apart ministry.

Each of these services was concluded with a time of prayer for the church and laying on of hands for the church leadership and for Pastor Walter following his ordination.

Upon the conclusion of the ordination service, several church choral groups blessed the group with testimony and song.

After the services were concluded and folks had left the building, Scott and Grover knelt at the altar for a special time of prayer, praying for a hedge of protection around the property and the congregation and to empower the body as they work to move forward with the CBC in the kingdom building necessary in Guatemala.

After this, a celebration lunch was provided for everyone on the lawn of the church. Excellent food and celebration cakes were enjoyed by everyone.

CBC has brought in many churches across this country and Africa. We have not seen any church that has been more excited to join us than the Miracle Fishing Church in Guatemala.

Please keep Pastor Walter, his wife Susy, their daughter Julia and the entire congregation in prayer as they work to expand God’s presence in this area of the world.

Submitted by Grover Duling and Scott Kinnick