In John 11:25-26, Jesus said to Martha, the sister of the dead and buried Lazarus, “I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believes in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this?”

Here Jesus packs important teaching even as He comforts Martha in her grief over losing Lazarus.

1. He first says, “I AM.” He is making the consistent claim that He is the Great I AM of Exodus 3:14, when God said to Moses “I Am Who I Am.” That is, that Jesus is the incarnation of the Eternal God. The Eternal God the Son had become the earthly Son of God. He also indicated this in John 8:58, “Before Abraham was, I AM.” The Jews understood this bold statement exactly; they prepared to stone Jesus for blasphemy by claiming to be God.

2. Jesus then says that He is “The Resurrection.” This further claim to life more powerful than could be imagined. Not only was He the essence of Life (John 1:4), He is able to bring life out of death. He was the One who raised the dead. No human being was beyond His power. What’s more, Jesus would be the One who would rise from the dead­something never before seen in human history!

3. Jesus goes further: “and the Life.” He is Life in Himself (see point 1 above). He brings life! As the Creator, He brought physical life out of nothing! As the Redeemer, He brings abundant life (John 10:10), out of that which was useless or rejected. As Saviour, He brings eternal life that will be ours forever­-if we trust Him!

4. You may live if you trust in Him. Physical death has no power over you! You may have Eternity through Christ, and through Christ alone. We may have abundant life now if we trust in Him! This trust is not simply “Yes, I believe” as one believes that grass is green or ice is cold. This trust is the deep-seated trust that follows through with humble obedience and faith through all of our days on this earth. You live as though you really believe it!

5. Do you believe this? Not “believe” in the generic sense. “Believe” in the personal sense (you). Have you made that personal commitment of trust in Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Lord? Martha said that she believed in the resurrection at the Last Day (to eternal life or to judgment). Yet Jesus is asking, “Martha, do you believe me? Do you believe in Me, as the Resurrection and the Life incarnate?”

Then, He demonstrated it by calling Lazarus forth from the grave, where he had lain dead for over three days! He, Life itself, had brought life from death, and it stood before them, still wrapped in burial clothes!

He Is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Do you believe this?

Craig Alan Myers – CBC Executive Board member