We live in a time of amazing little inventions. They’re not the ground-shattering advances such as the automobile, the transistor, the Internet, or the smartphone. They’re the often-small items that help with everyday tasks, such as Duck Tape, Zipties, and WD-40.

Some say that for the average family handyman, a roll of Duck Tape, a pack of Zipties, and a can of WD-40 is about all one needs.

If something is loose, the Duck Tape and Zipties hold it together. I continually discover new uses for Duck Tape and Zipties. I have made quick repairs with Duck Tape, and used Zipties to hold together my chicken run, anchor my birdfeeder, and hold parts together on my lawnmower. They sometimes last longer than the materials they hold together!

If something is stuck, WD-40 will loosen it up. I keep WD-40 and PB Blaster around for tough nuts and bolts. I’ve even done a comparison demonstration of WD-40 and Rain-X on my car windshield. (Rain-X lasts longer and does a better job.)

Sometimes, these “hacks” make for a long-lasting repair or enduring use. Sometimes, they are stop-gap measures that need to be addressed further.

Sometimes we look for “hacks” in our Christian living. For example, remembering someone with a brief one-sentence prayer is all right, yet nothing takes the place of spending time in prayer with the Father. Reading Our Daily Bread is a useful, quick devotion, yet it cannot take the place of getting into the Word for some in-depth time of hearing from God.

We may think that a special workshop or concert will give us some unique insight. Yet there is nothing that builds Christian maturity like the regular, faithful, weekly time together with the congregation as we pray for and with one another, hear the Word together, and work together. That is the enduring nature of a congregation of Christians.

Now, Duck Tape, Zipties, and WD-40 are fairly simple products. Their simplicity belies their usefulness in a myriad of applications. Much of what we do as Christians is also simple. It is not rocket science, for example, to know that we are to pray, to worship, to tell others about Christ, and to meditate on the Word of God. These are the very things that have sustained the Church for nearly twenty centuries!

Some folks expect when God speaks, there should be an earth-shattering “KABOOM.” Yet mostly, He deals with His people in very basic ways. A Ziptie may appear flimsy, yet I have applications of a Ziptie which have lasted for years. When considering God’s means of grace in this age, we are tempted to think, “That’s not much, in light of the need.” Maybe not, but they are what God has appointed to do the job.

What has God given you spiritually in the way of Duck Tape, Zipties, and WD-40 for the work of the Kingdom? Simple, but meant to be used. So use them!

Craig Alan Myers – CBC Executive Board member