On October the 11th the Executive Board met in person at the office in Fairmont. While this group meets monthly to do business via Zoom, they meet twice a year in person to do business while enjoying the fellowship that an in-person meeting affords. After opening the meeting with prayer and devotions and the review of the last minutes they went straight to work.

The first item of business was to elect officers for the coming year. The results were as follows. Chair: Bro Grover Duling, Vice Chair: Bro Scott Kinnick, Secretary: Bro George Bowers, Treasurer: Bro Fred Shank. Please remember to regularly hold these officers up in your prayers as they work to serve the Covenant Brethren and the Lord faithfully.

Next there were three new congregations received into CBC including Newport (VA), Sugar Ridge (MI) and Bowden Family Worship Center (WV). This brings total CBC Congregations to 115! In addition, five individuals were approved for ordination. God continues to bless and bring congregations into the CBC family as he directs.

There was also continued discussion about the venue for the 2024 Annual Meeting and Worship Conference and hopefully plans for that will be finalized soon. A sincere effort is being made to move the conference to other locations if we can find something that is affordable and has the facilities and housing needed for the conference.

The Board also discussed our international partnerships and how to include our overseas congregations as well as how to respond to new requests for affiliation. Some representatives of the Board are planning to visit the African congregations in 2024. This is a growing part of the Covenant Brethren family. Bro Kinnick also shared a report on his recent mission trip to Central America and the Caribbean. It was so exciting to see how God is pushing CBC to reach out to congregations that are calling for a denomination they can be a part of that is standing firm on God’s word.

The Board received reports from those regions which had received grants and also considered grant applications for 2024 and allocated money accordingly. The Board also heard reports from its various committees.

The Adult and Youth Fellowship Committee is working on a program to help all churches start or improve youth ministries. We feel this is an urgent need across the CBC and a major effort is going into this work. Plans are underway for a youth mission trip to Guatemala in 2024. Interested individuals and youth leaders should contact Bro Craig Howard as soon as possible.

The Prayer Committee reported it continues to provide prayer prompts each week with the Devotionals as well as CBC congregations to pray for. Special prayer emphases are also shared as they arise. In addition, this committee will be working to help regions and congregations establish prayer committees and/or teams where they don’t already exist. If your church needs assistance or guidance in this area you should contact the national office to be directed to the correct person for your area.

The Executive Board adopted a description prepared by the Legal Committee concerning the office of Regional Elder and details will be shared with each region in the near future. This is a position being established to take the place of a regional executive with more of a focus on the spiritual needs of the region and pastors instead of primarily focusing on administration.

The Stewardship Committee highlighted the need for increased donations to the General or Primary Fund for CBC. The Board is very appreciative for designated gifts, but gifts for the general operation of CBC are also needed. Some still feel there is confusion on where and how to give and they are working on helping churches understand regional vs. national giving as well as making every effort to be transparent on how the funds are used. An opportunity has been added on the CBC website to solicit online donations. Anyone may now donate virtually to CBC.

On Saturday Morning there was a Zoom meeting with our church leaders in Africa. They were in the midst of having their Regional Meeting and Worship Conference. Our leaders had the opportunity to meet and pray for the leaders of churches from the DRC, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. It was truly a time of excitement and blessing.

The board was also informed that there will be a CBC Rebuild trip with Samaritan’s Purse April 7-12, 2024 in Kentucky. For more info contact Bro Mark Teets. We hope to have a good representation of workers on this trip.

A final item of business that was address included a draft of a CBC Deacons’ Manual that was presented and will be reviewed by the Executive Board. After approval, it will be disseminated for use.

This group continues to work hard on your benefit each month to keep CBC moving forward to the Glory of God. We are going to try to regularly, keep you informed about the things they are working on. Please pray for them as they seek God’s guidance to lead the Covenant Brethren Church forward as God would have it move.

Submitted by Craig Howard – Publications Committee.