Society minimizes the need for the Church. Yet the Bible says that the Church of Jesus Christ is the Bride, the Body, and the Building of Christ. God’s Word declares that the Church is “the pillar and ground of the truth” (1 Timothy 3:15). The love of Jesus for the Church was so great that He died for it. We might ask, “How deep is your love?” when it comes to the Church. Here are several ways.

1. Deepen your love through Bible Study. The New Testament tells of the advancing life of the early Church. We are amazed by the power, encouraged by its leadership, humbled by its example, and thrilled of its growth. When we love the Lord and His Church, we study the Word and our love for Jesus and His Body grows.

2. Deepen your love through prayer for the Church! We need to pray for the Church! Every year, our congregation puts out a directory of the ministries, events, and people of our church. That directory provides a great springboard for prayer. Pray through your directory. You will find yourself more involved in the advancement of the Gospel through these things.

3. Deepen your love through participation (Hebrews 10:25). The Church needs you. You need the Church. Do you ever think how important your “mere” presence in the worship hour and Sunday School hours is each week? Or how vital it is for you to attend special services and Love Feasts? We are a team. Someone has said that team means: Together Everyone Achieves More. We have the precious opportunities of being a part of the Church. Sometimes our love grows weak because our participation is spotty. Let’s seek to be more active in the work and life of the Church.

4. Deepen your love through giving. Jesus taught us that “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” (Matthew 6:21). Our tithes and offerings would accomplish more if we are committed to the Biblical principles of giving to the local church. And it may be easy for some to give money, but what about our time? Is an hour or two, or four, really all that much when we think about it? Giving our time by participating in the regular services of the Church, and then for its outreach ministries, is but a small portion of our lives, compared to what Jesus has given and done for us.

5. Finally, deepen your love through telling. The Great Commission calls us to tell the Good News of Jesus to all. We talk about the things we love. Whether it is sports, cooking, hobbies, or Jesus, we tend to talk about it. Would you share your testimony and declare the Gospel to some folks? We talk of everything under the sun–until it comes to talking about the Son. Share your faith!

Won’t you deepen your love?

Craig Alan Myers, Executive Board Member