On Saturday the 14th of November the newly formed Executive Board and the previous sub-committees of the Covenant Brethren Church met at our new offices in Fairmont, WV to make plans for the future of CBC.  New committees were formed and some old committees concluded their work. The Executive Board drew lots to determine terms of service for the board members moving forward.  The results are as follows:

Grover Duling –       4 yr. term
Jim Nolt                   4 yr. term
Eric Brubaker          4 yr. term

Larry Dentler –         3 yr. term
Scott Kinnick           3 yr. term

George Bowers –     2 yr. term
Jim Myer                 2 yr. term

Stafford Frederick – 1 yr. term
Craig Alan Myers    1 yr. term

With the following people being elected as officers within the board:
Grover Duling – Chair
Scott Kinnick – Vice Chair
Eric Brubaker – Secretary
Fred Shank – Treasurer
Jerry Funkhouse – Assistant Treasurer

The following committees were established or continued and individuals put in place to serve on those committees.  The committees are as follows.

The Stewardship Committee, who’s job it will be to develop a budget, monitor spending, and oversee fundraising. It is made up of Grover Duling, Fred Shank, Jerry Funkhouser, & Jim Myer

Ministerial Leadership Committee: Their job is to Consider potential candidates for license/ordination, consider churches for covenant agreement, and provide accountability for all ministers and congregations.  This committee is staffed by: Larry Dentler, John Swonger, Musa Mambula, Mike Rath, & Roy McVey.

Ministerial Training Committee : Their job is to develop a ministerial training program, manage the delivery of training courses, work to develop CEU opportunities including scheduled ethics trainings for pastors and churches, & set Mentors for pastors in training.  The committee members are; Craig Myers, George Bowers, Mark Jones, Roger Myers, & Musa Mambula.

Public relations, publications, news articles committee: is tasked with developing publications to promote CBC, write news articles for the website and face book page, and develop an online CBC news page. Members selected are Craig Howard, Camille Howard, Stafford Frederick, & Matt Bernard.

Missions, outreach, disaster support committee: They are charged to develop a viable missions and outreach program working in conjunction with existing agencies as much as possible. Develop a disaster support program working with existing agencies as much as possible.  Church planting and revitalization programs and promote evangelism.  The members of this committee are: Grover Duling, John Stoner, Mark Jones, Dwayne Heck, Stafford Frederick, Fred Roy, & Chris Elliott.

Annual Meeting program planning and arrangements committee: They will plan and execute the CBC annual meeting. It’s members are Leon Alt, Grover Duling, Randy & Christy Cosner, Roy McVey, Matt Bernard.

Policy and polity-Legal committee: Their job will be to make sure CBC is in line with all necessary legal requirements. Continue to work with the 501c3 process and provide legal guidance for churches.  It’s members are Jim Nolt, John Swonger, & Craig Myers.

Structure and Regional development Committee: Will continue to work with the ongoing needs to enhance the CBC Structure and work to develop and support new regions of CBC churches. It’s members are George Bowers, Scott Kinnick, Craig Howard, & Musa Mambula.

Adult and youth fellowship activities committee: This committee is to work to develop and maintain a viable youth camping program and work to develop youth conferences. Also to develop a men’s and women’s fellowship program and promote youth and children’s Ministries.  The committee members are: Craig Howard, Ruth Swonger, Mark Seese, Mike and Elaine Galimore, Eric Brubaker.

Prayer Committee is another committee that continues from the early formative days of CBC.  It will work to develop and publish monthly prayer topics to be distributed through our CBC website, face book page and the mail chimp listings. And it will be available to lead devotions and prayer at all CBC meetings.  It’s members are Larry Dentler, Fred Roy, and Roy McVey.

Lastly is the Editorial Committee: This committee is another preexisting committee that workded to develop the statement of faith. It will be called to service as needed and it’s members continue to be Eric Brubaker, Mike Rath, and Roger Myers.

There is still much work to do as we see new churches show interest in joining CBC almost weekly.  We spent a lot of time discussing the possible structure of developing regional church fellowships. We currently already have one region within the CBC.  It is the Southern region made up of churches from Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Alabama and Southern Virginia.   It was decided that a new region could be formed whenever there are at least 5 churches with at least 200 members within reasonable geographic proximity to one another.

There was a wonderful spirit of cooperation and unity.  We continue to be available to come and explain what CBC is about to churches who invite us but it was reiterated that we will not seek out those opportunities.  Please pray for all of these who have been called to leadership that God will use them to develop CBC as He wills.