The CBC Executive Board met by Zoom on December 12. After opening prayer and approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting, Treasurer Fred Shank reported a balance of $159,007.05 in the General Fund and $33,546.03 in the Mission Fund of which $30,750.04 is encumbered leaving an available balance of $2,795.99 for Mission work. Individuals and churches can now give to CBC electronically through the CBC website.

Eight new CBC congregations were approved including:

  • White Pine Congregation in Old Fields, WV, with Pastor Donald Judy. Approved unanimously.
  • Castaner Congregation in Castaner, Puerto Rico with Pastor Jaime Diaz. Approved unanimously.
  • Caimeto Congregation in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with Pastor Evelyn Rosario. Approved unanimously.
  • Montesion Congregation in Las Marias, Puerto Rico, with Pastor Carmen M. Mercado Arce. Approved unanimously.
  • Cristo El Senior Congregation in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, with Pastor Jose Calleja Otero. Approved unanimously.
  • Cristo Nuestra Paz in Castaner, Puerto Rico, with Pastor Norma Medina Aviles. Approved unanimously.
  • Nakaseke Congregation in Uganda, with Pastor Alexis Sempi. Approved unanimously.
  • Kasangati Congregation in Kampala, Uganda, with Pastor John Mwesigwa. Approved unanimously.

This brings the total congregations in the CBC to 123 including 5 in Puerto Rico and 2 more in Uganda! CBC now has 9,249 members! Praise be to God for His work in drawing all to Himself!

Six individuals were approved for ordination and one for licensing. With these additions, CBC has now credentialed 174 ministers.

Details and arrangements for the 2024 Annual Meeting and Worship Conference were discussed and details will be released very soon!

The Executive Board also approved a CBC Deacon’s Manual which will be submitted for Editorial Review and then disseminated to all congregations.

The Board heard updates and reports on the African CBC Congregations and approved $1000 for a missionary to Fulani herdsmen. Plans are in the works for some CBC representatives to visit the African churches again soon.

The Board also discussed the contents for a Minister’s Welcome Packet and those packets will be available in the very near future for all new CBC ministers.

It was also shared that there will be two disaster rebuild trips in April with Samaritan’s Purse. For dates and other details contact Brenda Harvey at or 301-616-1367 or Mark Teets at or 304-698-7197.

Board members reported on recent and upcoming church visits after which the meeting was adjourned by prayer and the singing of the chorus to O Come All Ye Faithful.

We praise God for His abundant blessings to the Covenant Brethren Church in 2023. The CBC Executive Board wishes all members, ministers, and churches a very Merry Christmas. May God bless each with a special touch of His presence both now and in the New Year!

Submitted by George Bowers, Executive Board Secretary