Two more pastors have recently joined the growing number of pastors moving their ordination to the Covenant Brethren Church. These are pastors who agree with our Statement of Faith and want their churches and their communities to know where they stand. They want to make it clear that God’s word is their final authority and they are willing to be held accountable for that stand. It is encouraging to see men and women who join Christians all over the world in taking this stand. While the CBC is still small, comparatively, there are Christians from many denominations and churches around the world who still understand that God’s Word is true and authoritative. It is to be trusted and used as our authority and instructor in all matters of faith and life.

The two men shown below, Ronald Sherck (left) and Brian Mackie (right) have taken this stand and joined the CBC community of faith as ordained ministers. Grover Duling, national Executive Board Chair, presented them with their credentials and welcomed them into the Covenant family with joy and prayer.

Juanita Miller of West Goshen CBC

Along with these two pastors came two churches choosing to stand on the same principals. They are the West Goshen CBC in Goshen Indiana and the White Branch CBC near Hagerstown, Indiana. Though Ronald Sherck is not the pastor of the Goshen Church, he came to join in their worship that day to receive his ordination there. Juanita Miller, the West Goshen board chair, received the Covenant Agreement presented by Grover as they actively and willingly became a part of our young denomination. Pray for them as they seek a pastor.

White Branch Covenant Brethren Church

These two churches bring the number of churches in the Covenant Brethren Church Family to 76 with 128 ordained and licensed pastors and continuing to grow. There are other churches either going through the process or considering the step as word continues to spread about the stand that the Covenant Brethren Church has made.

Pastor Dwayne Heck leads in prayer

Pastor Dwayne Heck offers a prayer of consecration over the White Branch leadership as they receive their covenant agreement.

West Goshen Covenant Brethren Church

Grover Duling prays for the West Goshen Church

It is with great excitement that we continue to report on churches which are joining the Covenant Brethren Church denomination. If you are in the area of one of these churches, stop in and offer them a personal welcome. You may find them online and offer them a welcome there. All of us should pray for them as they make this transition, asking God to show them how He wants to use them in the communities they serve and in the denomination of which they are now members.

Craig Howard – CBC Publications Committee