Over the holiday season I offered to take my great nephew to the airport. He would be traveling alone to visit with his father in Florida. The airline has some very specific guidelines for unaccompanied minors flying alone. There was special documentation that needed to be filled out stating who would be dropping him off at the gate and who would be picking him up at the other end. I needed to go with him through security and take him to his departure gate. There the attendant explained that he would be the first one taken onto the plane, and that I was required to wait in the gate area until his flight was in the air.

And so I waited in the gate area “people watching” after my nephew got on the plane. It was an intermediate size plane and every seat was taken. The gate attendants explained to the waiting crowd that they were expecting overhead bin space would run out. Indeed, after about 2/3 of the passengers were boarded they announced that there was no more overhead space and all carry-on bags needed to be checked. There was a lot of grumbling and fussing as if it was the attendants’ fault. I watched with interest. One young lady approached the attendant with two carry-on bags. Confused the attendant asked why she had two. “I’m traveling with my mother,” was her reply. Still not understanding the attendant asked where her mother was. “We need her here right now! Is she in the restroom?” The young lady said, “No, I’m traveling with my mother, she’s in the bag.”

Confusion led to embarrassment. The dear soul had her mother’s cremated remains in the one bag and was not inclined to let anyone else take the bag. The embarrassed attendants quickly made some adjustments for her and she was able to enter the plane with her mother! After everyone else had left the gate area the attendants were talking about the situation. I told them, “I’m a preacher, you know this story is going to find its way into a sermon or devotional!” The girl laughed, “Lord have mercy!” I smiled and said, “He really does!”

In Acts chapter 4, Peter and John are before the authorities for preaching about Christ even after they had been told not to. Verse 13 says that, “they took note that these had been with Jesus.” I often wonder if there is enough evidence in my life that someone meeting me will be able to note that I’ve been “with” Jesus?

My focus verse for the New Year is Psalm 119:133. “Direct my footsteps according to Your Word….” I’m going to be traveling with Jesus in 2024 and I pray my life will reflect to all those around me that I’m with Jesus! And I pray He will guide the “footsteps” of the Covenant Brethren Church” and each of you as well.

Traveling With Jesus!
Larry Dentler, CBC Executive Board