One Sunday before Christmas, our pastor was preaching about that glorious day of the dedication of Solomon’s Temple when the fire fell and the priests could not stand to minister to the people. I was overwhelmed with desire for us to experience this Glory of the Lord in our church! When he began to quote in that chapter, 2 Chronicles, 7:14, my heart leapt within me. Our Father is addressing His people…His Israel and now His Church. Oh Church, if we will humble ourselves and pray, and seek His face and turn from our wicked ways, then He will hear from Heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land… the church! This is the way for us to be affective for Him in these days and to allow His Glory to fill the church so that the world will run to Him!

Please pray for the following congregations and pastors

  • Ewing Congregation in Ewing, VA and Pastor Frank Turner
  • Fairview Congregation in Oakland, MD and Pastor Samuel Moon

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Please pray for the victims of the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria and pray for those who are helping them.

CBC Prayer Committee