In the month of April, we find ourselves busy as winter quickly becomes past tense, and spring with its flowers, the song of robins, gentle rains, and warmth becomes our present. During this lovely and colorful time of the year, let us not forget it is a time to remember our Lord and His final days here on earth. It is a time in our personal lives and the life of the CBC to reflect, teach and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and the purpose of His coming, His death, His burial, and His resurrection. HE IS ALIVE!

The Prayer Committee asks the CBC family to make time daily to read the Bible, worship, and pray.

  • Pray that we never forget the purpose of Christ’s coming – John 3:16-17
  • Pray we find ourselves obedient to Christ’s example – John 13:1-17
  • Let us pray that God’s will be done whatever the cost – Luke 22:39-46
  • Let us rejoice that the work of redemption is complete – Matthew 19:28-30

Please pray for the following congregations and pastors:

  • Maison du Potier Congregation, Democratic Republic of Congo Africa, and Pastor Kifuluga Asani Alaiz
  • Malinde Congregation, Democratic Republic of Congo Africa and Pastor Mleke Faliala Mwenge

CBC Prayer Committee