“…go and make disciples of all nations….” Matthew 28:19 NIV

This month, let’s set our hearts to prayer for the high calling of evangelism. In Jesus’ “Great Commission,” Jesus sends us to “all nations.” Early, as the Covenant Brethren Church developed, the Executive Board thought that our foreign mission endeavors would come a bit later as we got organized. But the Lord had different plans! He began to bring congregations to us! Today we have congregations in Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, and Guatemala. Many of these congregations are very evangelistically centered, bringing new believers into the Kingdom. There are Brethren baptisms by trine immersion happening in places we couldn’t imagine! Pray for these far away CBC churches.

Please pray for the following congregations and pastors:

  • Shady Grove Congregation in Bruceton Mills, WV and Pastor Michael Bernard
  • Spindale Congregation in Spindale, NC and Pastors Russell and Deborah Payne

CBC Prayer Committee