Dear Sisters and Brothers of the Covenant Brethren Church,

As we navigate the challenges and blessings of life in this ever-changing world, we are constantly reminded of the importance of coming together in prayer and seeking the guidance and strength that can only be found through our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Today, I would like to propose a solemn and powerful initiative for our Covenant Brethren Churches and our individual members. I earnestly ask that we set aside November 19, 2023 for fasting and prayer, focusing our hearts and minds on the specific prayer topics listed below. Praying for these areas of need are of utmost importance to us as a community of believers and as individuals seeking God’s grace. In this time of shared devotion, we can collectively seek His wisdom, healing, and guidance for these issues that touch our hearts and souls deeply. It is my hope that we can unite in this endeavor, strengthening our faith and bonds with one another through this sacred act of worship. I am asking each of you to spend time in prayer:

  • exalting and thanking God for His great love and care for us.
  • for Christ’s Church and for those attendees that need to sincerely invite Jesus to be Savior and Lord of their life.
  • for Israel and those impacted by war the middle east and Ukraine, and around the world.
  • for many of our youth in America that need to be back in the Church.
  • for our country and the elected leadership that seems to be so divided.
  • for CBC pastors, leaders, and churches in this country and around the world.

May God richly bless each of you as we walk together as a body of believers.

Grover Duling
Covenant Brethren Church, Executive Board