Many of our Covenant Brethren Church congregations have been aware of and involved with the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria (EYN). We remember the abduction of more than 270 Nigerian girls in 2014 by Boko Haram, and other attacks against believers and congregations since that time. We still pray for our brothers and sisters in Nigeria. The article below is taken from the American Family Association’s newsletter The Stand. Please pray for this specific family and tragedy and for all of our brothers and sisters in Nigeria.

On July 5, three gunmen stormed a pastor’s home in the northern Nigerian state of Adamawa, an area of intense Christian persecution at the hand of Islamic terrorists.

Reverend Daniel Umara and his family had just finished their nightly devotion when the attack occurred.

Umaru’s two sons, Kefrey Daniel (19) and Fanye Daniel (24), were immediately shot and killed.The pasor was shot in the knee trying to defend them, and his wife collapsed. His teenage daughter was kidnapped but released three days later after a ransom was paid. The militant assailants demanded money during their attack but also told the Church of the Brethren pastor that they had been sent to kill him

“Please pray for God’s intervention in this state,” pled local resident Peter Musa. “{Pray} over unending attacks on Christians and churches.”
Additional sources: 7/22/22; 7/29/22

Please pray for courage, strength, wisdom, and deliverance from evil for our Nigerian brethren. Ask the Lord to comfort those who mourn.