“Ethics Training” (2PM – 5PM)

Licensed & Ordained Ministers who have not had this training in the last 5-years.

Instructor: Paul Brubaker *** Location: Conference Room – Falcon Center

“The Dangers of Wokeness” (3PM – 4PM)

What does it mean to be woke and how does it square with the Bible? This session will explore these questions and touch on how believers should react and respond to the woke movement and how we can make a positive impact for Jesus in our churches and communities.

Presenters: George Bowers & John Swonger  *** Location: Main Hall – Falcon Center

“Navigating the Transition to CBC” (4PM – 5PM)

Once your congregation has made its affiliation decision, what’s next?  What legal, practical, and helpful steps should you take?  This workshop will help you in covering the details of becoming a CBC congregation, led by those who have done it successfully.

Presenters: Craig Alan Myers and Jim Nolt *** Location: Main Hall – Falcon Center