Adding to the Family

In the last few weeks the CBC has seen three new churches added to the CBC family. They are all former Church of the Brethren congregations that have decided to leave that denomination but to remain Brethren by joining Covenant Brethren. These churches are now named as follows: Tearcoat Covenant Brethren Church, Sunnyside Covenant Brethren Church, and Old Furnace Covenant Brethren Church. These three churches are located in West Virginia and are excited about becoming a part of Covenant and the future it holds. This brings the total number of churches joining CBC to 25.

At present, 52 pastors have been ordained by CBC. Added to the list are Tom Rowen and Randy Shoemaker with several others in conversation with us, preparing to make the move soon.

Churches in Indiana, Western Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia have invited CBC leaders to come and share what CBC is all about, and one of the churches in Maryland, the New Beginnings Church of Myersville, has informed us that they are about to join. Also, two more churches, another from Maryland and one from West Virginia, will be taking their vote in the near future.

Please pray for these churches as they continue their journey with Christ and work toward bringing others to him, and that a spirit of cooperation will be found among those who’ve chosen to move forward with Covenant Brethren and those who continue to minister within the Church of the Brethren. We are all still Brethren who seek to follow the teachings of Jesus and his example of forgiveness.

While things concerning the church at large seem to be at a standstill with canceled services, online services, Zoom Bible studies, social distancing, mask wearing and temperature taking, the leadership of Covenant Brethren has been very active making plans for the future, answering requests for information and establishing a corporate center in Fairmont, West Virginia. The executive board will be meeting monthly to plan for upcoming events such as our Annual Meeting scheduled tentatively for September 10-11.

Representatives are always available at the request of a church or individual, to share the vision of CBC and what it could mean for their ministry.

CBC Hires Administrative Assistant

We want to take this opportunity to introduce to you a new member of the Covenant Brethren team. Jessica Duling is our new administrative assistant and will be manning the headquarters office in Fairmont. She is highly qualified and an exciting addition to our team. Here is her introduction to you in her own words.

“ I am delighted to announce my employment in the Fairmont office for the Covenant Brethren Church. Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Jim Nolt and Mr. John Swonger to discuss the need for a part-time professional assistant to be available to organize meetings, create and distribute information, and assist in carrying out the mission and vision of the CBC. Currently, I will be in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00a-3:00p. I am excited to work with CBC and their efforts “to provide a haven for congregations who are making the decision to leave the CoB but want to retain their Brethren values”.

I was born and raised here in Fairmont, WV but currently reside about 20 miles north of Fairmont, in Morgantown—home of the West Virginia Mountaineers! My husband, Matt, and I share two boys—Eli (11) and Lex (9). We are blessed to have them attending a small, non-denominational Christian school in our area. Our home church is Calvary Chapel Morgantown. We really enjoy the youth group and mid-week Bible studies that are offered there. The boys are very involved with their basketball teams and, as a family, we enjoy anything outdoors.

I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity to work with you and for the good of the Covenant Brethren Church. I look forward to assisting you in the good work that you do! Please feel free to reach me at (304)534-8010 or via email

Jessica Duling