We are working to finalize the list of people desiring to make the trip in June of 2022 to Guatemala. We need to finalize this list to begin fund raising and assessing what we are going to be able to do based on the gifts and skills of the people we will be taking. Information will have to be sent out, funds raised, tickets purchased, and a plan put in place. Time will pass more quickly that anyone realizes. If you have youth in your church 9th grade through college and they would like to be a part of this trip please contact Craig Howard at craig.howard@covenantbrethren.org . We would love to include them. The trip will cost approximately $1400. This is only an estimate based on past experience. It could be a little less based on some funding opportunities, but it will not be more.

Of course, Covid 19 could have an impact on the trip and anyone going is urged to be fully vaccinated. Without proof of vaccination, you will have to provide up to the minute test proof that you do not have the virus before you will be allowed to leave the country. Feel free to contact Craig with any questions you may have.

Once our list is finalized we will set up a Zoom meeting to start the planning process. Please let us know your plans no later than January 14th 2022. There is no doubt you will find blessings that you never expected when you make a trip like this. Contact us soon.