The requests keep coming, and the growth of the Covenant Brethren denomination continues. A new region, the Central Blue Ridge Region, continues to see churches added to their number. Some of the churches added to that region have come from the Ashland Brethren denomination while others are former Church of the Brethren congregations. And that is not the only place where growth is taking place. Central Allegheny Region has also been adding churches. Other churches are inquiring about membership from other areas.

The Maple Spring Congregation near Eglon, WV recently joined the Central Allegheny Region. This congregation is active, well organized, has a strong community outreach, and a love and interest in youth. We are excited to see them become part of the CBC family. Executive Board Chair Grover Duling presented the covenant agreement to Pastor Dan Spaid (left) and Lindsy Teets (center).

The Red Creek Bethel congregation near Davis WV, was also added to the region. This church is pastored by John Moyers (left) who received his CBC ordination at the same service. The church’s board chair, Barbara Rohrbaugh, is pictured (center) signing the covenant agreement. They are excited to be added to the CBC body and look forward to participating in its mission.

CBC Executive Board member George Bowers (center) led an ordination service for Bill Fitchett (right) and William “Buster” Doman (left). These two men were ordained at the Columbia Furnace Covenant Brethren Church where they serve. Columbia Furnace joined the CBC a few months ago. We are excited to see these two men become part of the ranks of ordained CBC pastors. We look forward to the spiritual leadership they will bring to the table.

Last but not least, retired Ashland Brethren pastor Freddie Helsley was recently ordained in the CBC at the Antioch Covenant Brethren Church by Executive Board member George Bowers. Freddie serves as a chaplain at Shenandoah Memorial Hospital. He is available for pulpit supply as a newly ordained minister in the Central Blue Ridge Region.

This new growth is exciting and it shows no signs of ending anytime soon. To God be the Glory!!

Submitted by Craig Howard, Publications Chair