Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

It is obvious that we live in a world that has been deeply marred by human sinfulness. Nowhere is that more evident than in the brokenness of human relationships. In an effort to provide some helpful resources to our congregations and individual members, the Covenant Brethren Church Executive Board has published this list of resources for those seeking help and guidance in learning how to overcome temptation and to restore the beauty, value, and holiness which God intends for our human relationship to have.

Please consider the resources listed below and feel free to share them with people you know who may be struggling with these issues. Check out the Harvest USA website for additional resources.

May God bless and strengthen our CBC congregations as we seek to reflect the glory and holiness of our Savior, Jesus Christ, in every aspect of our lives.

CBC Executive Board
Discover: One Year Men’s Discipleship Curriculum for Men Seeking to walk in Sexual Integrity and Obedience (1 of 4, 12-segment lessons)

Shattered Dreams, New Hope: When a Son or Daughter Embraces an LGBTQ+ IdentityHelp for Parents

Jesus and Your Unwanted Journey: Wives Finding Comfort After Sexual BetrayalHelp for wives who face betrayal and on-going challenges due to their husbands’ sexual struggles

Harvest USA – Ministering the Truth and Mercy of the Gospel to a Sexually Broken and Confused World
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