There were 4 congregations present for a meeting in Northern Indiana where Covenant Brethren Church leaders were invited to come and explain the ministry, history, and organization of CBC.

Grover Duling, Craig Howard, and Craig Alan Myers made the trip to Northern Indiana for the meeting. They were met with Hoosier Hospitality and a good number of people wanting to better understand what CBC is all about.

The meeting was opened with prayer in which we lifted up a church in Rwanda that has contacted CBC asking us for special prayer. They have suffered the catastrophe of a volcano eruption that claimed 15 near their church and left many homeless as property was destroyed.

Grover and Craig Alan began to lay down the path that led to the formation of the Covenant Brethren Church, a path that started in 2017 and has continued until today. They reviewed the receiving process, stressing that this needs to be a decision that a church is unified in as it is not the desire of CBC to divide a local church. We then went on to discuss missions work, leadership structure, camps, ministry training and much more that defines the work and ministry goals of CBC. We discussed the benefits of CBC affiliation, fellowship, and training opportunities as well as legal guidance, pastoral placement, and credentialing help. We talked about the upcoming annual meeting on September 10th and 11th at Fairmont State University. Craig Howard talked about the youth meeting that would take place simultaneously with the adult conference. The cost for youth at the event is free including their food. At that meeting they will work on planning a national youth ministry, elect national youth officers, worship, and play together. There will be a possibility of a service project and all youth there will be given an opportunity to sign up for a national youth mission trip to Guatemala.

The evening then finished with a question and answer session where people were given opportunity to seek answers to their concerns. There was a wonderful, caring, and cordial spirit during this time with genuine concern, questions and even testimony.