On January 13th the pastors and spouses of the Central Allegheny Region met to enjoy each other’s company while partaking of some wonderful food. The event took place at the Oak Dale Covenant Brethren Church in Scheer, WV. There were about 40 people in attendance. There were a number of people unable to attend due to bad weather but those who came were glad they did. This is the third such event that has been held annually with a wonderful spirit of brotherhood as the outcome as they talked, ate and played games. This was not intended as a business meeting but a time when those present could build or deepen friendships.

The meal was served by the youth of the Oak Dale church. Everyone was greeted with a smile from a server and they made sure that no one left hungry.

While it was not a business meeting, Brother Grover started the night out with some encouraging information about the growth of the denomination over the past year. Central Allegheny Region alone, has added 4 new churches since last we met and this was cause for great excitement. He told us that in the past 12 months CBC has seen the inclusion of 43 new churches and credentials have been given to 37 new ministers. He also informed us that CBC has given $133,846.00 to missions and outreach ministry. We now have 5 churches in Puerto Rico with another one in the process of joining. We are poised for expansion in Guatemala, Uganda, Tanzania, DR Congo and Rwanda and are still receiving contacts from other countries. These churches in other countries are not looking for financial help from CBC but they want to be connected with a denomination that stands on the authority of God’s Word.

What a wonderful encouraging night! One we hope will be replayed over and over again within the Covenant Brethren Church denomination in every region. We need to know and enjoy the friendship we have within CBC. We are a family and there is never a better time to be had than when family gathers around the table to thank God for his goodness.

Written by Craig Howard – Publications Committee