The Covenant Brethren Church Executive Board held its monthly meeting by Zoom on January 15. Bro Jim Myer shared reflections on the life of Bro Harold Martin and several other members also offered their memories and appreciation for his life and witness. Bro Myer then led in prayer to open the meeting.

After the Minutes and Treasurer’s Report were approved, the Board approved and welcomed the Bayamon Congregation in Puerto Rico as the newest CBC Congregation! All former Church of the Brethren congregations in Puerto Rico are now CBC and the Board gave these churches authority to establish their own region. The Board also removed the Kijito Cha Utakaso congregation in Tanzania by their request and the One in Christ CBC Congregation in Willis, VA which has closed.

The Board also approved the ordination of three new ministers which brings CBC to 122 congregations, 177 credentialed ministers, and 9,250 members. The Board praised God for His work in drawing these and blessing the CBC with new congregations, members, and ministers.

The Board also heard an update from the Annual Meeting and Worship Conference Committee regarding plans for this event July 18-20 at the Chiques Church in Manheim, PA. It was also shared that the new CBC Deacons’ Manual is currently being reviewed by the editor and will be available once that process is complete. In addition, the Board is in the process of preparing a Minister’s Handbook to accompany the Minister’s Manual.

Bro Scott Kinnick also reported on the CBC congregations in Africa and that Pastor Lewis had suffered from Typhoid Fever but has now recovered for which we praise God! The Board heard the need for better worship facilities there. It was exciting to hear that the Rwandan Church which received some financial help to provide food over Christmas shared part of their gift with our brothers and sisters in Uganda. This is the Brethren way.

Bro Grover Duling shared exciting developments regarding possible partnerships with leaders in the Dominican Republic and Haiti and CBC training materials have already been sent to help prepare Haitian pastors.

The Board also heard updates regarding the formation of a Minister’s Welcome Packet which is nearly complete and will be shared with all newly credentialed individuals.

The Board approved the recommendation of the Missions Committee to present $1,000 to the Miracle Fishing Congregation in Guatemala to assist them in building a new meetinghouse. This will be shared when CBC leaders visit there in February.

CBC Board members reported on their recent and upcoming congregational visits and presentations after which upcoming meeting dates were set. Bro Fred Shank adjourned the meeting with prayer thanking God for His guidance and inviting His continued blessing on the Covenant Brethren Church. Please continue to pray for God to guide the work of the Executive Board and each minister and congregation of the CBC.

Submitted by George Bowers