Dear CBC Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Craig Howard. I am the youth coordinator for CBC.  One of the ministries we have done for the past several years is to take youth on short term mission trips.  We have done both domestic and foreign trips.  This year we will be going to San Juan La Laguna Guatemala.  While there we will be helping mountain village churches establish contact of unchurched people.  We will travel up into the mountains with 200, twenty-pound bags of food to do food and bible distributions.  Pastors in these villages will have already invited people from their village that are unchurched to receive a bag of food and a bible after we have completed a Gospel presentation. The pastor is then able to follow up on this contact and hopefully win them to Christ. We will also install 20 wood burning vented stoves in homes that presently cook over open fires in the home, breathing the toxic smoke that damages their lungs, kidneys and livers. The stoves we install will be vented to keep the smoke out of the home. If you would like to help with this trip you can purchase a stove for a family for $155. You can purchase bags of food for $19 per bag. You can buy bibles for $3 a piece.  Or you can make a general donation to the trip in any amount. We will also be doing work at a local Christian school that we have worked with for years and need help purchasing materials such as paint, concrete, wire, and teaching supplies. If you want to be a part of this in any way you can click on the GoFundMe link below and make a donation.  Everything you give will go to buy supplies. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

In Christ,